Recipe Reviews

Welcome to my new feature. This year I will be reviewing other food bloggers’ recipes by cooking the recipe, and publishing a blog post with a a review. I will comment on such topics as the ease of the recipe; timings; taste and alternatives/additions. Of course I will not be writing out the recipe here; but providing links to the original authors post. 

Before starting Documenting My Dinner, I loved a recipe and would not only attempt to cook a new recipe weekly but also read recipe books like novels. I still do this and am also a subscriber and avid reader of the BBC Good Food Magazine. It might be a bit odd, but I read every recipe in a book or the magazine from start to finish, even if I’m not going to make it. I genuinely enjoy the read and it provides me with plenty of knowledge to inspire my own recipes. 

It is only now that I have created this blog full of my own creations that I have realised how much I miss following a recipe. I follow so many food bloggers and feel I am missing out on not trying their food and focusing too much on my own dishes. That’s the reason why I thought I would start this feature and I plan to focus exclusively on other food bloggers as well as creating my own dishes as much as I currently am. I think this will be a great way to connect with other food bloggers, try some brand new dishes and share their recipes with my followers! 

If you’d like to get involved and are a food blogger with recipes I can use, get in touch! Please contact me at [email protected] if you’d like me to review your recipes or if you have any questions regarding this feature!


Chicken Kahti Rolls by Monica Sawhney Haldar at the Spice Club 

MARCH 2018

Best Ever Nutella Brownies By Maverick Baking