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 Tartiflette recipe. Tartiflette is a French dish, usually to be found in the snowy Alps and was actually invented by the makers of Reblochon cheese as a marketing ploy to sell more. It is a potato gratin type dish made with potatoes, bacon, shallots, cream and Reblochen cheese, a soft, […]

Creamy Carbonara


 Creamy Carbonara. By no means an authentic recipe, my Carbonara recipe uses cream and mushrooms- two ingredients you would never find in a traditional Carbonara.  I feel both additions make the dish just that extra bit creamy, filling and flavoursome. Italian versions will only contain pasta tossed with egg yolks, […]

Smoky Bacon Jam

Smoky Bacon Jam


 Think of a chutney; rich, sweet, perfect on crackers and cheese. Then add the taste and aroma of crispy, smoky bacon to the mix. This is a moreish, richly savoury condiment perfect for so many things and one of the tastiest things I have ever made. Try it in a […]