Bun Ken

Bún Kèn – Vietnamese Fish Curry


 Bún Kèn – Vietnamese Fish Curry in Phú Quốc, Bún Kèn – Vietnamese Fish Curry. This dish originates in the Vietnamese island of Phú Quốc, an undeveloped true taste of South East Asia, off the coast of Cambodia. I visited Phú Quốc in 2018 and tried this dish. We stayed […]

Bánh xèo

Bánh xèo – Vietnamese Sizzling Pancakes


 Bánh xèo – Vietnamese Sizzling Pancakes Bánh xèo is the best Vietnamese dish. I spent 2018 travelling around Asia and the food of Vietnam – especially this dish – stood out to me with the fresh flavours. The dish comprises of a rice flour, turmeric and spring onion crepe which is […]

Sea Bass Panzanella

Sea Bass with Panzanella Salad


 Sea Bass with Panzanella Salad Sea Bass with Panzanella Salad recipe. Crispy skinned sea bass served with a panzanella salad with tomatoes, roasted red peppers and tarragon. Traditional Tuscan panzanella salad is made with chunks of soft bread that soak up the tomato juices and dressing. However, I prefer this […]