Desserts and Baking

Dessert and Baking recipes

Goats Cheese biscuits

Goats Cheese and Rosemary Biscuit Bites


 Goats Cheese and Rosemary Biscuit Bites – crunchy, cheesy and buttery, these small bites are the perfect wine nibble or canapé. If you don’t like Goats Cheese, this can be changed for any hard Cheese. I’d recommend trying out extra mature cheddar, gruyere or Parmesan. Similarly, rosemary can be swapped […]

Maple Bacon Scones

Maple Bacon Scones


 Maple Bacon Scones- if you love bacon and maple syrup pancakes, these are the scones for you! I came across Moose Maple Butter over on Instagram and after discovering the nearest place to source in Scotland was over 100 miles away, I was kindly offered a sample to try. Fast forward […]