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Thai Spicy Satay Chicken


 Thai Spicy Satay Chicken Thai Spicy Satay Chicken recipe. Creamy and rich satay chicken with a kick of Thai chilli. Served with Jasmine Rice and a Thai Herb Salad. The Recipe The recipe gives options to cook this Thai Spicy Satay Chicken either in the slow cooker or in a […]

Sriracha Honey Salmon Noodles

Sriracha Honey Salmon Noodles


 Sriracha Honey Salmon Noodles A simple salmon recipe using honey and spicy Sriracha, served with noodles and stir fried vegetables. A sweet, spicy and healthy dinner.  The Recipe The recipe for Sriracha Honey Salmon Noodles could not be simpler. The whole dish from start to finish takes less than thirty […]

Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato, Feta and Chilli Vegetarian Pie


 Sweet Potato, Feta and Chilli Vegetarian Pie Sweet Potato, Feta and Chilli Vegetarian Pie recipe. Soft sweet potato mixed with salty feta and fiery chilli make for a delicious meat free pie filling. The crispy filo pastry adds texture to this Vegetarian Pie recipe.   The Recipe This recipe for […]